Thursday, February 8, 2018

S.T.E.M. Bunnies

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We specialize in creating opportunities for fun, engaging, experiential learning wrapped in a very cute, cuddly package through bunny lessons, camps,  and fostering for up to 8 weeks.  

Our kid-led programs reinforces grade-appropriate concepts in Science * Technology * Engineering * Math.  
(Why does STEM education matter?)  


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Rabbit Owners of all ages and volunteers guide students/event guests to experience "hands-on, minds-on" learning together while observing, playing with and taking care of bunnies.  Dreamed up by a nine year old named Caleb, he has been recruiting lots of neighbors, scouts, friends from church and 4H to hop on board this new way to let other families experience the joy of learning with bunnies.  Now it's your chance to be part of the fun!

"BASKETS OF BUNNIES" for special events:
Our kids love sharing rabbits with others and teaching what they are learning.  We like to bring a variety of a rabbit breeds and ages, along with plenty of fun facts and activities.  This is a great option for schools, birthdays, community events, family reunions, and picnic.  Link
Bunny Boot Camp Intro (1-2 hours) This is a perfect first activity to introduce children to rabbits, whether or not you intend to foster or ever own a rabbit.  No experience necessary and a great review of the key points if you've raised a rabbit before.  Parents help guide their children through this very interactive class where everyone has hand-on learning opportunities. This class is required before fostering one of our purebred, pedigreed rabbits.  If you complete the application prior to camp, you might be able to schedule your foster bunny pick-up at the conclusion of the class.

Teacher Fun Day: We had a teacher only sessions and a "teacher & family" sessions June 12 to allow you to come play.  We will host another in August date to be announced.  While you're there, explore the possibility of having STEM Bunnies as classroom pets next year while using our curriculum.

Summer Camps
* S.T.E.M. Bunny Camp 1 (1.5 hours x 5 days)  Prerequisite: Bunny Boot Camp I
* Baskets of Bunnies Camp (1 hour) Perfect for preschool through grade 1
* Peace Bunny Camp (3 hours x 5 days) Peace Bunnies TM  helps kids to talk about creating a more welcoming, inclusive, safe and caring environment at school & home.

* Foster Bunny program with accompanying S.T.E.M. Bunnies curriculum
(Grade 1-2; Grade 3-4; Middle School; High School) based on Minnesota Science Standards. 
Our curriculum can be used for home school curriculum or after-school programs or simply for enrichment/reinforcement of grade level science and math standard. 
STEP 1: Contact us to receive the application to get the process started.
STEP 2: Enroll online in a Bunny Bootcamp (at least one parent/guardian who will be the primary rabbit caregiver must attend with a child, but the whole family is strongly encouraged to attend together to help keep the rabbits safe and healthy.
STEP 3: Complete Bunny Bootcamp and schedule when to pick up your rabbit and cage.

Scheduled times with your mentor to work with our rabbits, to assist with educational classes and community events.  Along with other children in the program and their parents, come explore the life of a rabbit farmer.  Request an application via email.  We have two more openings for the summer 2014.  We have several field trips planned for July and August so come get trained to be part of those outings.

For those who are interested in competition, showing rabbits may be a great fit!  There are many different categories and fun competitions through 4H, FFA, fairs and sanctioned events through the American Rabbit Breeders Association. The newest contest is racing a rabbit through an agility course for time -- racing against the clock.  You place the rabbit on a leash and try to get it over short bars, up a ramp and through tunnels. 

Get on our waiting list to lease one of our purebred pedigreed rabbits and you can compete in 4H events. By May 15 each year you must declare your intent to show the rabbit at your county fair.  Those who win and qualify through that round of competitions become eligible for the Minnesota State Fair.  We will assigning rabbits and the babies on a rolling admission basis once a family/child has completed Bunny Boot Camp and is approved.

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