Abandoned Rabbits -- MATH LESSONS

In the eight weeks after Easter 2015, we collected data from the Craigslist adds.
They  have placed the data into a spreadsheet and made several charts.

Add up the number of rabbits that were listed.
Blue (Buck)= _____

Orange (Doe) = ______

Grey (Breeding Pair) = 1 Buck and 1 Doe sold together =______

Blue + Orange + Grey = _______TOTAL

2) Caleb had several Hypothesis (educated guessed based on what he had observed before but not formally charted).  Based on the chart and the data, test each hypothesis.

Hypothesis 1:  During the two months I chart, more bucks (males) will be "re-homed," sold, or deserted than there will be does (females)
Hypothesis 2: An average of five rabbit will be listed online in Minnesota per week with more postings just before summer vacation.
Hypothesis 3: Most people state that they give up rabbits because they "don't have time anymore"


Look at the chart:  How many bucks (blue) ? ____ How many does (orange) ?  ____ 
Are there more bucks than does?
If yes, then the hypothesis 1 is TRUE
If no, then the hypothesis 2 is FALSE

(Critical thinking questions: Were there just more bucks bunnies born to start with?
Is this a long term trend or just a fluke month/outlier? 
Why do you think this is true?  Are boy bunnies harder to take care of?
None of them were spayed or neutered, so does that make a difference?)

Hypothesis 2)   TRUE OR FALSE?
Caleb counted the number of rabbits for a total of 8 weeks.
To find the average, add up all the rabbits and divide by the number of weeks.

95 rabbits total divided by 8 weeks = ________________ rabbits per week
Is this number greater than five rabbits per week?  If yes, then it is TRUE.  If no, then it is FALSE.
Caleb thought it would be five rabbits or more per week.

Week 1-4 : 37 rabbits
Week 5-8 : 58 rabbits and counting...
Were more rabbits given up closer to summer break?

Both answers must be correct:
If both are yes, the hypothesis is TRUE, if either answer or both are no, the hypothesis is FALSE.

Hypothesis 3) The #1 stated reason for this month is they "don't have time anymore"
Other reasons...I have allergies, I am moving, Too much work to take care of.  But in almost every case, there is a shift in priorities that the rabbit isn't considered as important or worth the time anymore.  More activities...no interest...kids not taking care of it anymore.  We're still compiling the answers.

More to come later...