Volunteers - Get Involved

We are so excited that you'd consider helping!
Here are ten ways you can get involved with STEM Bunnies...

1) Donate supplies
2) Invite others to attend Bunny Boot Camp or summer camp with you
3) Become an apprentice: help us teach classes
4) Help us take care of the rabbits this summer
5) Be a Craigslist/garage sale spotter.  Seek donations, pick up and deliver needed supplies
6) Translate curriculum into other languages
7) Invite a "agility rabbit" demonstration in your neighborhood
8) Talk to teachers at your local school about our programs
9) Grow bunny friendly fruits and veggies that you'll donate to our program
10) Talk about us on social media

This organization is run by fun kids and a bunch of supportive adults...so share your ideas and let's make it happen! 

Please also continue to send your photos and thank you notes in to us.  We would be please to pass them along to your community hosts and to those who have so graciously supported us this winter! Email: stembunnies@gmail.com