Buying a Bunny??

Over the spring and summer months adults will be tempted to buy a rabbit for a beloved child, godchild, grandchild, niece, or nephew.    Many others will look for photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny or give a bunny for the holiday.

And shortly after the holiday, local animal shelters and Craigslist will be, as they are every year, inundated by a flood of cast-off bunnies from pet owners and those who used rabbits for their Easter events.  We echo the message of many Rotary Clubs, the Humane Society, and House Rabbit Society we ask that everyone who is considering buying a rabbit this year stop and think.

First, although rabbits can make wonderful pets, they are busy, busy, busy just like the small child that you envision sitting together cuddling. And just like that child, the rabbit will grow up, the personalities change and they need more room. Small children, even with good intentions, can seriously hurt a rabbit but neglect and a lifetime of boredom are the silent inhumane problem.

Second, a well cared for rabbit often lives as long as large dog (ten years or more) and will require just as much love, attention, and veterinary care as a dog or cat would.  So don’t give an Easter rabbit to a child unless you know that the child’s parents will be happy to take on a decade-long commitment. Picture the bunny still being there when that child is graduating from high school!

Are you ready for that long of a commitment to a pet?  If so, wonderful!  Perhaps we can be a resource for you...

Here are some other fun local options rather than hopping 
into rabbit ownership:

Register with your  child for a bunny class that allows a hands-on opportunity to play with and learn about rabbit.  Wherever there are kids, we're interested in sharing about our bunnies and reinforcing STEM concepts.  Depending on schedule, we might be able to make a visit to your preschool, school or activity to be part of your special event  Please contact soon because we want to accommodate your request.   =Weekends fill up very quickly...

Come to one of the community based events where the STEM Bunnies will appear.  We have several families who are bringing our bunnies to a variety of egg hunts and public events and festivals this spring.  Come say hello

Like borrowing  a library book, "check out" a STEM Bunny for a day or weekend.   Email us to start the conversation and to be placed on the waiting list for the possibility of a short term visit.  You must take a crash course in bunny care to make sure the visit is safe and fun for your family and for our rabbit. 

Email us to begin the process to foster a bunny in your home for 8 weeks.  First you and your child attend "Bunny Bootcamp" where we teach you the basics of rabbit care.  You are placed on the foster waiting list and matched with a bunny that we believe will be a good fit for your home.  Once a bunny is ready for you, come and pick it up, along with a cage, food, hay, lessons and all the supplies you need.   At four weeks, you come check in and bring the bunny to the HARE SALON.  We check nails and teeth and make sure it's healthy -- then you leave with another month of feed, hay and lessons.
     Then after caring for the rabbit for eight weeks and completing our STEM curriculum, give the bunny back.  Your child gets a certificate to celebrate this accomplishment.  If you are interested in buying the rabbit, you get "first dibs" to purchase the one that has been in your home.  If you'd prefer a different breed or another rabbit in our colony, chances are we'll be able to accommodate you.  Or we're happy to help connect you to another reputable breeder -- you aren't required to buy one from us...
      Fostering introduces you to the rabbits and STEM concepts in stand-alone segments.  Rather than jumping into this long term responsibility (without knowing all the joys and challenges of rabbit ownership), our program will help your family make an informed decision.  Many families choose to enjoy these two months and that's enough for them while other families are eager to buy a rabbit immediately.  If you want to jump into ownership, we're here to help you.  And there is no push to buy a rabbit, nor does it need to be one from our rabbitry.  We aim to be a helpful resource along the way, but there is not push or guilt about stopping.     Start the application process soon

We are rapidly updating and expanding this site.  Under links you will find a checklist to help decide if you should own a rabbit.  The nestbox page has some of our favorite photos. Check back for new links and postings!

If you want to make a child happy, don’t give a live rabbit unless you know it will be loved and cared for throughout its natural life -- eight to ten years.  If there’s any doubt, give a stuffed or chocolate bunny instead.  And if we can be of assistance, we enjoy sharing what we've learned and sharing our rabbits with other families.

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