The Challenge: Design a rabbit hutch
Can you design an earth-friendly, inexpensive humane outdoor "hutch" for an American Rabbit
that could be mass produced?  Does it exist??  Can you create one??

Rabbit Age: 8 week (3 to 5 pounds) to 1 year  (10-11 pounds)

*Protection from the elements for summer (98 degrees F) and Minnesota winter (-20 degrees F)
*Sun area/Sun free area
*Room to sleeping/napping
*Room to play
*Easy cleaning:  Wire flooring can make sore feet but solid flooring makes it more difficult to clean.
*Protection from predators
*Use of recycled, upcycled or green materials

Plastic cube
Hutch plans
Two level rabbit house
Single and Double level rabbit house
Two bay design
Commercial rabbitry design
Six row
Nest box construction

**Note** This project is not intended to promote or encourage the use of outdoor hutches as housing.  We recognize that worldwide there are very different values regarding how a rabbit should live.  STEM Bunnies does not exist to promote one way over another.   Some people use hutches as outdoor play areas while others use hutches for homes year round.  Some people believe that rabbits should only be companion pets in their homes.  Through this project we are trying to encourage creating thinking, engineering and problem solving rather than making a statement about of any of these different living arrangements or about cultural differences regarding rabbits.

An alternate activity is to design a rabbit agility course.