Bunny Links, Games & Handouts

Here are some of our favorite links:

ENGINEERING GAME:   Help design a bunny house

SCIENCE GAME:   What should you feed your bunny?

CRITICAL THINKINGShould your family own a rabbit?

Just too cute: Peter Rabbit games for younger children

Minnesota DNR Young Naturalist: Objibwe Lifeways
What can we learn from early inhabitants of this area who gathered and hunted wild foods to survive?
Ojibwe people fished through the ice, trapped beaver for meat and pelts, and used their stored wild rice, berries and maple syrup to survive...They also invented many techniques for hunting, trapping and snaring wild game.  Find out about this teenage "rights of passage" as an Ojibwe child transitions to adulthood by snaring a snowshoe hare.

Minnesota DNR Young Naturalist: Rabbits and Hares
What is the difference between these kinds of animals?

Creampuff Peacebunny, Winter 2014

Minnesota DNR Young Naturalist:
Color On/Color Off

Because we raise albino American Blue Rabbits, we thought it would be interesting to share this great article about the differences between white animals and albino animals. 

PETER RABBITTM Teacher Resources
Email a special Peter Rabbit card
Photos: The Peter Rabbit Garden, Great Britain (Gardener Richard Lucas)

COLORING PAGES: Peter Rabbit dropped his veggies in Mr. McGregor's garden


PBS special about the Rabbit King & Queen contest

Historical footage of jackrabbit "plague"