Thursday, October 1, 2015

Popcorn bowl babies

Momma Bunny -- Ginger
Congrats to Daddy Bunny -- Westley.

This video is from about five hours after delivery.  Note that they eyes are closed and they don't have fur yet.  We are just guessing on the fur colors that will come out, but it looks like we'll have some white (pink today) and three black/brown, one tan and one tan with grey stripes.  We will know in a couple days...and then the white will open their eyes to show if they are albino (red eyes) or simply a white rabbit with normal eyes. We also won't know the genders for several weeks.  We typically identify each bunny alphabetically by writing a letter on the ear with a permanent marker for the first few weeks.  Then later we will choose a name that starts with that letter when we know the gender and they have some defining personality characteristics.  

We call this video "The popcorn bowl" -- and you'll see why as the babies make a lot of noise and pop all around the nest box just before they are fed.  This is the first litter that has been this lively!!